Partners from the beginning when Jay drove the harvester and Shayne the bobtail truck, these two have seen their business come a long way. These days Shayne is focused on the accounting side of the business while Jay handles the production and scheduling side of things. 

Jay and Shayne's son, Eric, serves as second in command. Having ran packing tractors and choppers from a young age, Eric now heads up the travel crew and spends most of his time on the road.

 Hannah is a vital part of our office staff and also serves on the travel crew throughout the season.

Eric & Hannah Procter

Jay & Shayne Procter


Jay and Shayne's daughter, Laura, has had a hand in the business since a young age as well. She now handles a portion of the accounting and marketing for the company.

Laura Procter Henson


Jay's brother, Rob, is a retired coach and works part time for the company during the harvest season. He also helps with the cattle side of things and the ranch.

Rob Procter

A Vermont native, Pete has spent several harvest seasons with us in Texas. He operates a harvester for us and is a vital part of our shop crew. Also, you will rarely see Pete without his side-kick, Cutter.

Pete Mack


Mannie has been with us for many years now. He operates both a packing tractor and harvester, helps with repairs, and plays an important roll in our cattle operation. 

Jose "Mannie" Deanda


Tommy is a jack of all trades. When he is not in the haul truck moving equipment, you can find him in either a packing tractor or in the seat of a harvester. He also spends all winter helping on the ranch and in the shop.

Tommy Watson